Lisa Lombardo

2 years after receiving her plants

Up State N.Y. in June

notice the summer ground cover foliage coming

out from the center of the plant

Laura S. Boardman, OH  

Transplanted here April 2012  

Picture taken June 2013       

The Lenten Rose - Plays well with others

Lisa L - Chappaqua NY

Very happy plants in a lovely shade garden

Picture taken in June 2-13

Nancy R.  Boston Mass  2012

one year after the transplant - Wow

 Lucy & Rod  Forksville PA 2012    

Transplanted here in Mar 2012 picture taken June 2013

 Looking very happy - Great Gardening guys :-)

Phillip P. from York, S.C.

One Year Later (good job Phillip) - Summer 2012

Amy Rowles
Frenchville, PA 
Transplanted in March

Gardener's Gallery

I would like to thank all of my online customers for providing photos of their Lenten Roses.  Keep those card and letters coming.....and photos :)  

Anita D.  Broadview Hts.  OH  taken in 2012

First bloom cycle after transplant 

Phillip P. from York, S.C.

4+ yr olds planted in the Spring 2011

Bill K. from Charleston, W.V.  These picture was taken in 2011.  They were purchased and transplanted in 2009

 Bette K from Wheeling WV 2012 planted this  a couple of years ago - Look'in good :-)

 Leslie Q.  Chester, VA  taken in 2011.  First bloom cycle after transplant.

Susan K  -  New York

Happy among the Hostas

Picture taken June 2013 Hellebores

Sarah P - West Virginia

Transplanted here in 2011

On their way to trophy size - Picture taken June 2013