Shop online at this site for the hellebore Orientalis - the beautiful Lenten Rose.We ship 'moisten bare root' all year round
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LENTENROSE.COM  -  since 1995

LENTENROSE.COM was founded by me, Richard Giardini, in 1995, in Athens Georgia.  I started with a few plants growing at the foot of my front porch on Franklin St.  The plants came from the backyard of my neighbors house.  It had been occupied in an earlier time by Brooks E. Wigginton, an esteemed landscape architect and professor of Landscape Design at the University of Georgia from around 1945-55.

Wigginton House - Franklin St, Athens, Ga 

 By 2000 my little gardening enterprise had out grown my backyard

                Lenten Rose       Lenten Rose

In 2001, I expanded and aquired five beautiful acres outside of the city


A bit obsessive?  Perhaps, but have you ever seen anything so beautiful :-)

Lenten Rose

Currently we are specializing online in seeds, 2 year olds and flowering mature plants.  
All online plants sold are shipped moistened bare root.
Contract growing is available to the wholesale trade. Contact Richard at 706-215-1561

Lenten Rose

Thanks for supporting an American owned and operated small business!

Lenten Rose Sky RadfordLenten Rose Richard Giardini
Sky & Richard